Dental holidays

Don’t go to the dentist, until you have heard about the opportunity we offer you! Save more than half of your dental costs and spend the saved money on your pleasure. We all wish a complete service, reasonable prices and a pleasant environment of high standard when we resort to a service. Especially when our health is at stake. It does matter in what quality, what conditions, and for how much you can solve your dental problems.

This natural requirement gives our dental team a reason for existance. The aim of our company is to assure that our partners receive a world-class service at a price that is more than affordable. If you turn to us with your dental problem, you can get a high quality treatment in Hungary by saving up to 60 % of your costs.

The demand for Hungarian dentists has risen since Hungary joined the EU. This shows that Hungarian medical training is acknowledged world-wide. Several hundreds of Hungarian dentists work in England for the complete satisfaction of the local inhabitants. However these dentists do not work on the Hungarian price-level, they work for the local prices, that are 50-70 % higher than in Budapest, Hungary.

How can you get the Hungarian expertise at half the price?

Well, our team consists of experts who are all speciallized in dental treatments and all of us would also like to provide you with other services. If you have dental problems, suffer from lack of teeth and would like to have an implant or a full denture, all you have to do is to get in touch with us and we will do the rest.

We provide you a full-service, help you organize your travel to our dental clinic, manage your accommodation and dental treatment. All you have to do is to get your plane ticket and pack your luggage, we will manage the rest for you.

We promise, you will not be surprised! You can go for sure if you have had your teeth examinded at home and possess a therapy plan you can get a cost estimate from us before your visit. Aside from this we will make sure you have something to do in your free time as well for the time of your stay in Hungary.

While you are in Budapest, Hungary

Why not spend the time you devote for dental treatment pleasantly? It is not certain, that dental treatment has to associate with fear and bad feelings. We will make sure you spend the time of your treatment with engaging, beneficial activities. Besides free time activities we provide you a full-scale of wellness, beauty, cosmetics, hairdressing, massage and other services.

You can enjoy your dental treatment just like your holiday. You can relax, disengage, feel good while you get a top-quality dental treatment and have your dental problem solved.

Don’t waste your time, contact us now and have resort to our gratis service: let us arrange you an appointment at one of the best dentists and let us make sure you spend your time – although its reason is dental treatment – in Hungary in an unforgetable way.