Full dentures with All on 4 dental implants

It is important to know the differences between the anatomy of the lower and upper jaw-bone. The palate and the ridge of the upper jaw assure the denture a prosperous underpinning and a special vacuum-effect is also available. These help the fixation and stability of the prosthesis without glue.

It is more difficult to make a denture for the lower jaw because it has a small and sharp ridge and the tongue is always trying to push the extraneous material out. The muscles of the face and the exact integration assure the fixing of the denture without a vacuum-effect.

The form of the jawbones, the muscles, the gum’s mobility, the position of the mandibular joint and the aesthetic facilities of the patient have to be taken into consideration in the interest of success.

We try to swallow or spit the foreign material getting into our mouth. Therefore the patient will need an extraordinary tolerance and discipline in the first eight days. It takes time for you to get used to the denture completely.

Nevertheless, a denture placed on implants – implantation is only possible in case of a sufficient bone substance – is the best solution for a fix hold.

What will my prosthesis look like?

Like your original teeth, as the denture is especially designed for you. The patient and doctor decide the form and position of the new teeth together.

Will I be able to eat with my denture?

Yes, you will. You will need patience and practice. It helps a lot if you bite the food with the lateral teeth off and chew it on both sides at the same time.

Will my prosthesis bother me when I speak?

No, it won’t. The stability of the denture(s), the form and extent of the teeth will assure your comfort. It is advisable to read loudly to help the organism get used to the new dental restoration.

How should I clean my teeth, my mouth and my denture?

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste. It is advisable to rinse your denture and mouth after eating and to clean your tongue with a toothbrush. Use of special chemicals is only needed if you can not clean your prosthesis with toothbrush properly.

It is advisable to leach your denture for half an hour and to rinse it well with clear water after soaking. You should knead the ridges every day to stimulate the circulation, which helps keeping the vitality of the jaws.