Why Budapest

Why should you come to dentist to Hungary?

Because you can have a high-class dental treatment from one of the best dentists in Hungary at a price that is more than reasonable. Your dentist is about 3 hours’ flight away and our dental team arranges everything for you from bookings to transfers and even free time activities are organised.

Why dentists in Hungary are 60-70% cheaper

Dentists in Hungary use the same materials and they provide the same quality as dentists do in other West-European countries. The incidental expenses of dental treatments and the price of any kind of service is lower in Hungary. That is why dentists in Hungary can provide you high-quality dental treatment at a price that is more than reasonable.

For what other reasons do people come to dentist to Hungary?

Dental treatment by a dentist in Hungary? „Why not!” think more and more English speaking patients. You can perfectly combine your visit at your dentist in Hungary with a holiday. Gulash, healing thermal water, tasty wines – there are so many reasons for you to come to Budapest, Hungary. Nevertheless, the main reason for some people to travel to Central Europe is that their dentist is in Hungary.

What is medical training for dentists in Hungary like?

Medical training and therefore dentists in Hungary are world-famous. Due to the internationality of the training many students from other countries complete their medical studies and become dentists in Hungary.